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Russian-Chinese Seminar on New Catalytic Materials and Technologies.

PL‐3 LIU Zhong-min Methanol to olefins

PL‐1 FU Hong-gangh Designed synthesis and application of crystalline carbon-based materials

KL‐3 YANG Qi-hua Asymmetric catalysis in nanoreactor

KL‐1 G.V. ECHEVSKII Processes of hydroisomerization of the different hydrocarbonic fractions using metalcontaining SAPO-31 catalyst

KL‐4 V.A. SADYKOV Catalysis in the intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells: design and performance of nanocomposite cathode and anode materials

KL‐2 JING Li-qiang Synthesis of high active nano-structured photocatalyst materials and mechanism insight

OP‐4 S.R. KHAIRULIN The process of H2S selective catalytic oxidation for on-site purification of hydrocarbon gaseous feedstock. Technology demonstration

OP‐1 LI Guang-ming Salen type lanthanum (Ⅲ) complexes as lewis acid catalysts for the nitroaldol reaction in water

OP‐5 CHENG Mo-jie Research and development of SOFC at DICP

OP‐2 A.E. RUBANOV Single-stage hydroconversion of vegetable oil to iso-alkanes using metal-containing SAPO-31 catalyst

OP‐6 I.V. DELIY The comparison of CoMoS and NiMoS catalysts in HDO of aliphatic ethers and rapeseed oil

PL‐2 V.I. BUKHTIYAROV Size effects in combustion of hydrocarbons and CO over supported metal catalysts for abatement of car exhausts

KL‐5 WU Wei Molecular Sieves with ATO structure: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Properties in n-decane hydroisomerization

OP‐3 XIAO Lin-fei Functional ionic liquid: a highly effective catalyst for synthesis of cyclic carbonates

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